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Tips to keep your online customers happy

Customer satisfaction is a foundation of your business. Good customer support gains a new status to the business in the society. Hence, businesses should strive to take care of their customers. There are dedicated companies who provide customer support outsourcing as well. We can offer a pleasant smile and polite assistance to the walk in customers and even we can make customers feel happy with our pleasant voice in the virtual call center. But, email support is the crucial area where in the customer neither sees the person nor hears the voice. Hence, this is the area we should be little conscious about showing our concern on our customers. Here, our words are going to represent our company and the customer support we provide. This blog highlights few important points how to keep your online customers happy.

Customers always expect a prompt response. Quick response would increase their trust on the company. Your email answering should be within one business day. Even if you cannot resolve the query in 24 hours, you have to send the acknowledging email mentioning about the time frame that you would require answering the query. It is also important to stick on the timeline you promise. Always address the customer by his/her name instead of writing “Dear Valuable Customer”. It would help you to build a good relationship with them. Do not answer the customer queries in a single sentence. You can give additional points related to that query. If you cannot resolve the issue, do not say a direct “NO”. Convey your interest in helping them out and the appropriate reason why you are unable to do that. It is also good, if you highlight any company that can help them. This would add a good representation for your company. You should be always polite and honest in your email reply, even if the client shouts at you. Always address the correct name and the relevant reply.


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