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The changing phase of accounting from early days

Here, we are going to discuss about the changes happening in the field of accounting. Let us start from the early days. Accounting is the crucial practice of our old civilization. Our ancestors started the accounting as a procedure when commercial revolution took place. Luca Pacioli is the famous Franciscan monk, wrote a mathematics book which highlights three things that are essential for accounting. They are adequate cash, an accounting system and a good bookkeeper. Technology is a strong element plays a vital role in every changes happened. It has helped many accounting firms to implement different strategies to solve the accounting requirements of their clients. 

Mathematicians invented new applications in order to make the process of accounting much easier. But the invention of computer significantly changed the practice of accounting in many ways. Before the accounting used to be solely depend on the papers. This would consume more time and very less mobility. Accessibility is restricted to one or two person in the same place. Computer technology and the invention of accounting software completely altered these restrictions. Here, we do not have to depend on papers, instead we can feed all the data on the system and we can even keep the back up into secured CDs. One or more person can have an instant access to the same data at the same time. Online accounting facility helps us to access the accounting data from any computer; here we do not have to depend on the single system. Computer has changed the orthodox picture of accounting. There are lots of options we have now days to complete the accounting tasks easily in a quick turn around time. Many accounting companies are equipped with advanced accounting software and they can help you completing all your tasks rapidly and keep chaos free records.


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