Prologue to accounts payable services

Accounts Payable services cannot be contracted in brief, as it is a broad term to define. The most famous character of accounts payable is an invoice. Basically, invoice are generated and delivered for a product or the service provided. It becomes a part of the customer’s accounts, which is payable. Hence, this has been included in accounts payable.

Managing these kinds of accounts is called Accounts payable services. It’s a credit to customers or buyers as they have to pay only after receiving the product or the service provided by the seller. Customer gets the grace period to make the payment and all the payment terms would be mentioned on the invoice. The due dates vary from 0 to 30 days as per the negotiation between the buyer and the seller. Many accounting firms have separate departments for each sector (Accounts payable, receivable etc) of accounting and bookkeeping which would really help them to do a transparent business trade.  

For an instance, let’s consider the mobile phone service providers. They provide connectivity services for the mobile phones for that they bill their customer on a monthly basis. The invoice would have the date the statement generated and the due to date of making the payment and all other terms and conditions. The invoice is become accounts payable once the customer receives the same. The credit that the customer receives is the number of days between the received date of invoice and the due date. Customer is going to pay only for the service already they enjoyed.

Accounts payable outsourcing has the big advantage of cutting cost in a significant amount for a small business. They will be free from hiring employees, training them and the stipend they need to provide during the probation. Outsourcing helps all size of businesses to grow and save cost.


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